Silk Browser Kindle Fire Download or Update

Silk Browser Kindle Fire has more power than other ordinary Android browsers, so here are some ways to use the best silk features, some features and how to use them below, if you want to directly download or update the silk browser kindle fire version 121.30

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Feature Silk Browser on Kindle Fire

If you have downloaded or updated the version above, just go straight to the next step, which is cool browser features and how to use it. These are just a few of the selected features and there are still many others like changing the silk browser search engine to Google, Bing or Yahoo.

Reading list

First one of the more useful built-in features here is the saved page if you don’t have time to read the article You can save it by pressing the button above or pressing the three points above right and choosing to save page will not only save this for later, but also good offline is available for free internet trips when you are ready to read the saved article just saved the page in the sidebar.

silk browser kindle fire

Easy Bookmarks

How to bookmark on the silk kindle fire browser the latest update is very easy, this is like bookmarking a PC just click the icon and done. You have saved the page for later.

silk browser update

Tabs Like PC

Use tabs like most mobile browsers so let’s say you use tabs so you can open and browse multiple pages at once except in silk they really are more like Windows to see all tabs, of course, you can navigate to different tabs plus you can manage anything which you open to close all windows quickly, hold down any page and tap close all tabs and have them.

silk browser kindle fire

and there are many settings to play like just wanting to leave just one tab, but consider a pair of options that can minimize your data.

Speed Up, Instant and Manage data

This is an interesting feature in the silk browser and that distinguishes it from other browsers.

silk browser kindle fire

Using such instant page loading in a silk browser kindle fire uses a little extra data to load web pages based on where Silk thinks you will go next so if you want to reduce the data disable that option and if you are really worried about the data going into Advanced Settings and turning offloading images you will be using fewer megabytes plus your page loads faster.

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