How to Quick Settings Menu Kindle Fire HD or HDX

To find the settings menu Kindle Fire for new users it might be confusing for smartphone users and often find setting icons on the main menu. In the settings menu, you can change many things about setting up the Kindle Fire device like fonts, and you also get kindle fire information such as device specifications, your device’s serial number. Here you can reset your Kindle Fire to its original state when you first leave the factory if you want.

settings menu kindle fire

How to Quick Settings Menu on Kindle Fire

You need to know about maybe different versions are also fast settings on kindle fire. Maybe in the latest version, the display is like this.

settings menu kindle fire

To access the quick settings on kindle fire which normally use the method below and for more detailed settings by tapping the Quick Settings button in the Status bar at the far right corner.

settings menu kindle fire

Here is a quick setting on kindle fire that you can adjust as needed:

  • Unlocked: Actually, this is a screen rotation on your Kindle Fire. If you lock it, the screen will not rotate when the device is tilted.
  • Volume: tap this will display the slider that functions to increase or decrease the volume.
  • Brightness: this will display the On / Off Brightness button if it turns on the same as Automatic which means the screen brightness control will adjust based on the ambient light. Underneath there is also a slider bar that you can use to adjust the brightness manually.
  • Wi-Fi: this menu to display the on/off button that you can use to turn the Wi-Fi on or off. When you activate Wi-Fi, the network around the affordable ones will appear available.
  • Sync: This may be used infrequently, for example using it when you are downloading, if when your download process is out of network coverage or network loss, you might use this setting when you get the network again to continue downloading that might have been interrupted.

Technology that is developing so fast makes kindle fire continue to update this device. Settings menu Kindle Fire is actually, just the same only the display is different. With newer and higher devices, of course, the fire settings menu looks better, quickly, modern and easier.

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