How to Download and Install Google Play on Kindle Fire Without PC

Google Play on Kindle Fire needs some things even though your Kindle Fire can be called an Android device, it doesn’t have Google support like most other phones or tablets out there. To start the previous method of installing the Play Store a PC is required to push commands to your device but for this guide, all you need is your Fire Kindle device along with four apk files.

google play on kindle fire

How to Install Google Play on Kindle Fire

  • Step 1: To start the fire you are running the latest software by going to settings > device options > system update checking for update devices running OS fire 5.6.2 latest version on making sample images.

google play on kindle fire

  • Step 2: Back to settings select privacy and security in the personal category > turn on apps from unknown sources click OK.

install google play on kindle fire

  • Step 3: The next step to get Google Play on Kindle Fire you have to download and install some applications below with silk browser or another browser. This is the big one for the required apk file installed on your device to Play store functioning properly and downloaded and installed directly from the browser on your fire tablet It is important to install it correctly so be sure to follow these steps.
  1. Google Account Manager.
  2. Google Services Framework.
  3. Google Play Services.
  4. Last Google Play Store

google play on kindle fire

Note: Do not directly install the Play Store, follow the order above, make sure not to open this application when they are finished installing just press Finish and move to the next step. so, don’t try to cancel the installation or turn off your device if it’s time-consuming. The whole installation of the process cannot exceed 5 minutes with 4 applications installed.

  • Step 4: Select Google Play Store Google will ask for your account information and whether you want to back up your application data to Google Drive and after setting you will be able to access the Play Store.

google play on kindle fire

Forget the old method of installing the Google Play on Kindle Fire using a PC because the above method is much easier and simpler. Make sure you follow the method above and download the apk from the link above if you are right this will work if it doesn’t function normally after you log in, just give it time. The Google Play Store and Google Play Services will automatically renew itself in the background.

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